Pool Information








Phase 2 of Florida’s Recovery began on June 5, 2020. During Phase 2, the North and South pools we be open on a limited basis.
Reservations are no longer required. 
Should either pool area become full (when limited pool furniture is occupied), we will suspend access and ask residents to wait outside the gate until more room becomes available. 
We ask all residents to please be considerate and limit their time at the pools when others are waiting to enter. 
The use of the pools during Phase 2 is at your own risk.
We request that you practice social distancing at all times while at the amentiy centers. We recommend that you follow all CDC guidelines for the Coronavirus. We also recommend that you supply your own sanitizer for personal use and to disinfect anything you touch.
Everyone’s responsible behavior is necessary to keep the pools open during Phase 2. Parents, please maintain careful control of your children while at the pool to respect other residents’ rights to practice social distancing. 
  • -Non-resident guests are not permitted during Phase Two to ensure that residents can use the pools during this period of limited access.
  • -North Durbin’s pool will be closed on Tuesdays.  
  • -South Durbin’s pool will be closed on Mondays. 
In the event of thunder/lightning, the pool will close according to policy. 
As always, please respect all pool rules. 
We look forward to seeing you again and appreciate your patience.
Thank you! 

Durbin Crossing pools are open year-round for your enjoyment. The operating hours correspond with the sunrise/sunset calendar. That being said, the pools will open 30 minutes after sunrise and will close 30 minutes prior to sunset. Our pool facilities are available during these times as swim at your own risk.