Swimming Pool Rules

(1) All Patrons and guests must sign in upon entry of the Pool Area. At any given time, an adult Patron may accompany up to five (5) guests per household at the Pool Area. Patrons and their guests are limited to a maximum of two (2) vehicles at the Amenity Centers.

(2) Lifeguards and Slide Attendants are on duty only at the South Amenity Facility on a seasonal basis; the North Amenity Facility is unattended. Patrons and guests who use the Swimming Pool do so at their own risk.

(3) Children fourteen (14) years of age and younger must be accompanied by an adult at least eighteen (18) years of age in the Pool Area when attendants are present. When attendants are not present, an adult – at least eighteen (18) years of age – must accompany children under eighteen (18) years of age in the Pool Area.

(4) Radios, televisions and the like may be listened to if played at a volume that is not offensive to other Patrons and guests. Determination of an “offensive volume” is in the sole discretion of Amenity Center Staff. Electrical equipment is not allowed around the pool facility.

(5) Swimming is permitted only during designated hours, as posted at the pool. Hours are seasonal and subject to change. Swimming after dusk is prohibited by the Florida Department of Health.

(6) Showers are required before entering the Pool Area.

(7) Glass and other breakable items are not permitted in the Pool Area.

(8) Children under three (3) years of age, and those who are not reliably toilet trained, must wear appropriate swim-diapers, as well as a swimsuit over the swim-diaper, to reduce the health risks associated with human waste in the Swimming Pool.

(9) Play equipment such as floats, rafts, snorkels, dive sticks and flotation devices must meet with Amenity Center Staff approval prior to use. The Amenity Center Staff reserves the right to prohibit use of any play equipment especially during times of peak or scheduled activity at the swimming pool or if the equipment provides a safety concern or nuisance as determined by Amenity Center Staff.

The following items are generally allowed: noodles, kick boards, water wings, soft foam balls and dive sticks.

The following items are generally prohibited: large rafts and inflatable floats (36 inches is the maximum allowed size for all floats, inflatable or any other type not specified herein, boogie boards, hard toys and battery operated toys.

(10) Swimming Pool availability may be changed without notice in order to facilitate maintenance of the Amenity Centers or scheduled events.

(11) Pets (other than “Service Dogs”), bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, scooters and golf carts are not permitted on the Pool Area or inside the pool gates at any time.

(12) Hanging on the lane lines, interfering with the lap-swimming lane, and unauthorized diving are prohibited.

(13) The District reserves the right to authorize all programs and activities, including the number of guest participants, equipment and supplies usage, etc., conducted at the pool, including swim lessons, aquatic/recreational programs and pool parties.

(14) Any person swimming when the Swimming Pool is closed may, in the sole discretion of the Board, be suspended from using the facility. Swimming pool hours will be posted. The South Swimming Pool will be closed on Mondays (except for Memorial Day, Labor Day and, when applicable, July 4th) and the North Swimming Pool will be closed on Tuesdays.

(15) Guests must be registered and accompanied by a Patron before entering the Pool Area.

(16) Proper swim attire must be worn in the Pool Area. Cut-offs and thong bathing suits are not allowed.

(17) No chewing gum is permitted in the Pool Area.

(18) Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the pool area.

(19) No diving, jumping, pushing, running or other horseplay is allowed in the Pool Area.

(20) For the comfort of others, the changing of diapers or clothes is not allowed in the Pool Area.

(21) No one shall pollute the Swimming Pool. Anyone who does pollute the Swimming Pool is liable for any costs incurred in treating and reopening the Swimming Pool.

(22) Radio controlled water craft are not allowed in the Swimming Pool.

(23) Swimming Pool entrances must be kept clear at all times.

(24) Smoking is not permitted around the pool area.

(25) No swinging on ladders, fences, or railings is allowed.

(26) Pool furniture is not to be removed from the Pool Area, thrown into the Pool or otherwise disturbed.

(27) Loud, profane, or abusive language is prohibited.

(28) Ride the slide at your own risk.

(29) Children less than forty (40) inches tall are not permitted to ride the slide.

(30) Children may ride the slide only if they demonstrate the ability to: (1) pass a swim test displaying an ability to swim the width of the recreation pool unassisted; and (2) observe all rules and display the ability to control their descent on the water slide.

(31) Only one person may ride the slide at a time. No shorts with snaps or rivets will be allowed on the slide.

(32) Keep arms and hands inside flumes at all times.

(33) No flotation devices are allowed on the water slide.

(34) For safety reasons, pregnant women and persons with health conditions or back problems should not ride the water slide.

(35) The slide may only be used during pool hours when it is attended at the top and bottom of the slide.

(36) The Water Play Feature is limited to children aged thirteen (13) years and under, supervised by an adult.

(37) The Water Play Feature is not monitored by lifeguards.

(38) Food and drink are not allowed within six (6) feet of the Swimming Pool.

(39) The children’s pool is unattended. Patrons swim at their own risk.

(40) The children’s pool is limited to children aged thirteen (13) years and under, supervised by an adult.

(41) Coolers are prohibited in the Pool Area.


Swimming Pool: Thunderstorm Policy

The lifeguards or Amenity Manager Staff is in control of the operation of the Pool Area during thunderstorms and heavy rain. The lifeguards or Amenity Manager Staff will control whether swimming is permitted or not during the times the Swimming Pool is attended. During periods of heavy rain, thunderstorms and other inclement weather, the Pool Area will be closed. When lightning is in the area, the District shall follow the “Thirty-Minute Rule”: The Pool and Pool Deck will be cleared and closed at any visual sighting of lightning or audible sound of thunder and shall not reopen until 30 (thirty) minutes has elapsed from the last sighting of lightning or sound of thunder.


Swimming Pool: Feces Policy

(1) If contamination occurs, the Pool may be closed for up to twelve (12) hours and the water will be chemically treated to kill the bacteria.

(2) Parents should take their children to the restroom before entering the Pool Area.

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