Fitness Center

Fitness Center

Please remember, as with ALL of our Amenities, you need to have your Access Card with you at all times. Your Access Card is required in order to obtain entry into the Amenity Centers.

We recommend that you follow all CDC guidelines for the coronavirus and wear a mask when social distancing is not possible. Each gym provides sanitizing wipes for the gym equipment but we recommend that you bring your own sanitizers for your protection. Please note that when you access and District property, you do so at your own risk during Phase Three.

North Gym

  • We have relocated four cardio machines from South that were idled due to social distancing requirements. We have one treadmill, two elliptical machines, and one recumbent bike at North Durbin. There is a new rack of dumbbells from 5 to 50 pounds and a bench. We also have several yoga mats and a new set of resistance bands for strength and stretching routines.

The complete policies and procedures for the Fitness Center are listed below:

All Patrons and guests using the Fitness Center are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible, courteous and safe manner in compliance with all policies and rules of the Durbin Crossing Community Development District governing the Amenity Centers. Disregard or violation of the District’s Policies and rules and misuse or destruction of Fitness Center equipment may result in the suspension or termination of Fitness Center privileges.

Please note that the Fitness Center is an unattended facility and persons using this facility do so at their own risk. Amenity Center Staff is not present to provide personal training or exercise consultation to Patrons or guests. Persons interested in using the Fitness Center are encouraged to consult with a physician prior to commencing a fitness program.

(1) Hours: The Fitness Center is available for use by Patrons and guests during the hours of 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

(2) Emergencies: For all emergencies, call 911 immediately. All emergencies and injuries must also be reported to Amenity Center Staff as well as the District Manager at 904-940-5850.

(3) Eligible Users: Patrons and guests sixteen (16) years of age and older are permitted to use the Fitness Center during designated operating hours. Children who are twelve (12) to fifteen (15) years of age may use the Fitness Center only when accompanied by an adult. No children under twelve (12) years of age are permitted in the Fitness Center. Guests may use the Fitness Center if accompanied by an adult Patron aged eighteen (18) or older.

At any given time, a Patron may accompany up to two (2) guests at the Fitness Center.

There will be a $10 fee per guest that must be paid at the time of entry. Please note, that only cash or checks are accepted. Please make checks payable to; Durbin Crossing CDD.

All guests must sign a liability waiver before using the Gym. Any minor Guest using the gym must have a Parental release and liability waiver completed before using the gym.

Persons under the age of eighteen (18) must have an executed Parental Release of Liability Form on file at Amenity Centers prior to using the Fitness Center.

(4) Proper Attire: Appropriate clothing and footwear (covering the entire foot) must be worn at all times in the Fitness Center. Appropriate clothing includes t-shirts (no tank tops), shorts (no jeans), leotards, and/or sweat suits (no swimsuits).

(5) Food and Beverage: Food (including chewing gum) is not permitted within the Fitness Center. Non-alcoholic beverages, however, are permitted in the Fitness Center if contained in non-breakable containers with screw top or sealed lids.

(6) General Policies:

  • Each individual is responsible for wiping off fitness equipment after use.

  • Patrons who provide Personal Training or any Fitness of Sports Instruction services are prohibited from conducting such services at the Amenity Facilities, including but not limited to Swim Lessons, Yoga, Pilates, Weight Lifting and Tennis Lessons.

  • Use of hand chalk in the Fitness Center is prohibited.

  • Radios, tape players and CD players are not permitted unless they are personal units equipped with headphones.

  • Weights or other fitness equipment may not be removed from the Fitness Center.

  • Please limit use of cardiovascular equipment to thirty (30) minutes.

  • Step away from weight equipment between sets if other persons are waiting.

  • Return all weights to their original location.

  • Any fitness program operated, established and run by the District may have priority over other users of the Fitness Center.

  • Wet bathing suits are not allowed in the Fitness Center.

  • Strollers and infant carry seats are not allowed in the Fitness Center.

  • Pets (with the exception of “Service Animals”) are prohibited from the Fitness Center.

To view our complete policies and procedures click here