Chairman’s Welcome Letter


Durbin Residents,

Welcome to our website!

I know we have many new residents in Durbin Crossing so I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My family and I moved to Durbin Crossing in May of 2010 and immediately fell in love with the community. The majestic amenity centers, unspoiled preserve, meticulous landscaping, and most important, the “Hometown” feel of the community were simply a perfect fit for our family. I have been proudly serving on the Durbin Crossing CDD board since February 2011 doing my absolute best to provide the greatest return and value for your hard earned CDD dollars.

I would imagine that most of us purchased our homes in Durbin Crossing knowing that we were buying into a Community Development District but may not fully understand how it operates. I thought it would be appropriate to use the launching of this website as a platform to provide you all with a brief explanation of some of the basics of how our CDD functions and operates.

A CDD is a governed and overseen by Florida statutes. The statutes are a collection of Florida Laws approved by the Florida Legislature and signed by the governor. The Florida Statutes currently have 48 titles that are divided into chapters. In Title XIII, there is an entire chapter (Chapter 190) devoted to the operation and oversight of Community Development Districts.

Chapter 190 explains that the Florida Legislature found there was a need for state law to provide a way to create independent districts that could manage and finance community development services without overburdening other government entities such as St. Johns County. This allows communities such as Durbin Crossing to have luxurious amenities that St. Johns County would not be willing to fund since it would put an increased burden on other taxpayers.

Our CDD is governed by its 5 Board of Supervisors, elected by Durbin Crossing residents, and serve a four year term. Like all municipal, county, state, and national elections, the Office of the Supervisor of Elections oversees the vote, and all CDD supervisors are subject to state ethics and financial disclosure laws. As per the Florida “Sunshine Law”, all Durbin Crossing CDD meetings and records are open to the public and our budget is subject to an annual independent audit. The role of CDD is not to be confused with our Homeowners Association who is responsible for the processing, approving, and enforcement of all architectural review matters such as changes to your home color, landscaping, fencing, pools, etc.

If you have ever attended a CDD meeting, you will observe that all Durbin Crossing supervisors take their responsibility seriously and I am always impressed with the passion and dedication shown by my fellow board members day in and out. In short, the objective of the Durbin Crossing CDD is to offer our residents high level community services and infrastructure at the best possible cost while maintaining property values.

The CDD board is here to serve your needs. I would encourage anyone who has any questions or concerns to attend the next meeting to learn more about what is happening in your community.

Once again welcome to YOUR website! Please provide your suggestions, ideas, and feedback on what we can do to make this website even better!

Peter E. Pollicino
Chairman, Durbin Crossing CDD